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Are you looking for a tried and proven repair service that provides value for money as well as excellent customer service, swift and efficient repairs provided by a trustworthy and reputable appliance repair service?

Lerman Appliances Inc. is all that and much more! We offer an affordable, fair and professional appliance repair service that guarantees your satisfaction, and ensures your home or work appliances are repaired quickly and remain that way indefinitely. A completely harmonious household or place of work is one where all appliances are fully functioning and if the situation is otherwise, unnecessary stress is the result. Therefore, it is the aim of Lerman’s Los Angeles appliance repair to provide the most reliable and efficient appliance repair service in Los Angeles.

Experience and Expertise in Abundance

Lerman’s Los Angeles appliance repair is currently Yelp rated as one of the top appliance repair services in Southern California and this is for a good reason. This is because since our inception in 1986, Lerman Appliance Repair has striven to develop its appliance repair service into one that offers quality in every area.

Our repair technicians are constantly upgrading their skills through factory training and brand awareness, which also means they are familiar with most brands. Over time, through getting to know our customers and their needs, we have developed our service so much so that it now offers incomparable benefits for our customers, such as:

Large inventory of parts on trucks.
Licensed and insured.
Genuine factory parts.
Engineers that provide instruction in maintenance.
Written estimates.
No extra charge for weekend visits.

If you discover that your appliances are not functioning properly and are in need of repairs urgently, don’t fret and panic, call Lerman Appliance Repair in Los Angeles and we can have a factory certified engineer at your door possibly the same day. There are not many appliance repair services that can offer same day repairs, as well as deliver efficiency and speed so that you can get on with your life and be confident in the knowledge that your appliances will stay fixed.

Our expert engineers have one of the best first time repair success rates in the industry with a huge 97% in LA. This means that 9 times out of 10, we successfully repair appliances at home and work same day. With factory trained Repairmen and repair vans that are stocked with over 800 spare parts, Lerman Appliance Repair is one of the most reliable appliance repair services in Los Angeles.

The Best Repair Technicians in the Industry

A major reason for Lerman’s Los Angeles appliance repair being one of the top performers in the appliance repair industry is our excellent staff. Factory trained and always undergoing even more training to keep up with the current changes in appliance development, our repair engineers are some of the best in the business. Several of our repair technicians have been part of the Lerman Appliance Repair family for many years now and as a result, know exactly how we like to work – always put the customer first whilst delivering a quality service in Los Angeles area.

Not only do our repairmen have an exceptional record concerning first time repairs, they also provide a friendly and helpful service whilst on site to repair your appliance. When they leave at the end of the job, you’ll be much wiser in regards to appliance maintenance and repairs, because it is our aim to not only provide first rate repairs, but also help you to save money by caring for your appliances without the help of an engineer. Our team of expert engineers are able to repair the majority of brands such as: Miele, DCS, Fisher and Paykel, Whirlpool, Jenn Air, General Electric, LG, Thermador, Bosch, Samsung, Kenmore, Sub Zero etc. These are just a few of the brands we repair; however so don’t worry that we might not be able to repair yours. Contact us and we’ll let you know.

Trust is our Number One Priority

Trust is a difficult element to find, especially when utilizing repair services. There are many dangers to look out for when using a service in Los Angeles that has yet to be proven or trusted, such as hidden charges and fees after repairs have been completed, shoddy work, messy and unfriendly repairmen and poor customer service. However, at Lerman Appliances our number one priority is maintaining a high level of trust with our customers, so that you feel safe using our appliance repair service.

In regards to fees, with Lerman Appliance Repair, you will be provided with a written estimate which will be very close to the final bill presented to you. This means there is no chance of any hidden fees or charges being added to the bill at the completion of the repairs. What we offer is what you pay, it’s as simple as that. Trust is key and without that, Lerman Appliances would not have come as far as it has since 1986 in Los Angeles.

A Little Extra for our Customers

Just to let our customers know how much we value them and that they are a part of our family, we have given a little extra. If our repair technicians should successfully repair your appliance first-time around, we will waive the call-out fee. This means that you save money while Lerman Appliance Repair saves time. A win-win if ever there was one!

Are you convinced that Lerman Appliance Repair is the service for you? If you are having trouble with your appliances and need a fast, efficient appliance repair service that cares about you as a customer, call us now at (877) 228–8092 or fill in the form on our website and we will get back to you the same day!

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